Bye-Bye and Thank You from the Convince Team

This was the website of a Convince, a Taiwan-based digital marketing and copywriting company. 

If you were one of our clients and have any queries about completed projects please contact Bob Cook using the form below


Thank You to All Our Wonderful Clients and Staff

This version of the page was created as a thank you to our clients and staff.  I am immensely proud of all that our very small team achieved and of the hard work of my staff and freelancers. We have been privileged to work with many amazing clients, on interesting campaigns for great products, and I am very happy to think that we have helped if only a little in bringing prosperity to our friends. However, now family considerations mean that I have sadly been forced to close the company.

Wishing you all growth in the future, long-term prosperity, and personal happiness.

Bob Cook
Manager, Convince Marketing